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Reality: Chillingly more deadly than fiction…

Maybe it was always there. Maybe it was because there was no CNN or Internet before to spread the word each time something crazy occurred. Maybe people have always been anxious to kill themselves and other people but it seems like there are so many more now – and they do it in such bizarre and gruesome ways.

I’ve never quite understood the point exactly. It’s not like we’re all not going to die anyway, so what’s the big need to rush things?

The one thing I do know is that fiction can’t hold a candle to reality when it comes to the ways human beings inflict pain and death on others. That’s one reason that fiction will never be as bizarre and strange as reality. Actually, fiction has to be more believable than reality.

When you think about the apparent murder of 149 people in this week’s Germanwings crash, the shooting down of Malaysia Flight 17, the missing Air Asia jet – and then the recent Charlie murders in Paris, and the horrible ways of ISIS, there’s no end to the terror that human beings can conjure up – and it’s worse than any fiction writer can imagine, unfortunately

Despite everything that occurs in my two novels, Death Never Sleeps and Death Logs In, I feel a lot safer inside those stories than I do in the real world. Maybe it’s because in my novels, I’m in control but, once I look up from my computer and my writing, I’m not sure if anyone is.


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