Death in the Cloud by E.J. Simon

Death in the Cloud
Just before his death, underworld figure Alex Nicholas copied his mind and image onto a computer using breakthrough AI technology. Now living a virtual life in cyberspace, Alex is called into service by the President and given a dire task: destroy US nuclear missiles before they hit Moscow and stop the coming nuclear apocalypse. But Alex discovers that, in order to do so, he must also destroy himself. This time forever. Death in the Cloud by E.J. Simon is the heart pounding newest addition to the Michael & Alex Nicholas series you don’t want to miss.

A commercial flight from Moscow to Paris has been reported missing in flight. Two days later, as the world anxiously awaits news of its recovery, flight controllers discover a plane about to enter restricted air space around Washington DC, its target: the White House. The jetliner is believed to be the same plane that had disappeared from radar over France.

The Presidents of Russia and the United States face one of the most imminent nuclear threats in modern history.

In the depths of the White House bunker, two US citizens are called upon to help prevent a nuclear holocaust. Only one of them is alive.

Michael Nicholas and his brother, Alex, appear on the giant screen standing in front of the US President. Yet only Alex Nicholas has the technological capability to stop a nuclear war orchestrated by anarchists who have hacked into the US missile systems.

But can the presidents of both nations put their trust in the hands of a man who is dead?

A political thriller that will open your eyes to the threat artificial intelligence could pose to the safeguards against an accidental nuclear war.

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