Death Logs Out by E.J. Simon

It’s been two years since Alex Nicholas was gunned down in a Queens, NY restaurant – and since his brother, Michael, discovered that Alex had duplicated himself on a computer using breakthrough artificial intelligence software.

Since that time, only Michael and a handful of close confidants were aware of Alex’s existence. Over this period, Alex has grown intellectually, emotionally – and technologically.

Michael, while still holding his legitimate but pressured corporate CEO position, has developed and strengthened his brother’s former illegal sports gambling and loan sharking operation into an international power. It is through these two diverse senior positions that Michael must deal with Jonathan Goldstein, a ruthless Wall Street investor, and Hans Ulricht, a dark disciple of Hitler’s era.

Alex, in the meantime who was always beloved by his group of close friends is fine-tuning his character and intelligence, now without the weakening effects of sustained smoking, alcohol, and lack of sleep. He has access to files, can read documents, eavesdrop and tap phones with the best of the NSA. Those powers enable him to save Michael and 250 other passengers during a frightening international flight

Yet at home Alex’s widow, Donna Finkelstein, still does not believe Alex is dead as his body was never shown at the Greek Orthodox funeral and furthermore Alex, forever bored, decides to contact Donna through a dating website she is visiting to get over her grief of losing her husband. Comic relief touching on truth.

The story ties up with Michael with the help of Sindy Steele discovering not only who murdered his two brothers but who and why the scandal reached the highest levels of the Vatican.

Tension, scandal and humor show the reality of how and where artificial intelligence may take us.

Alex Nicholas will not remain a secret much longer. As Death Logs Out ends, Michael is called by the President of the United States. He is requested to come to Washington – with his laptop. Michael’s life is about to take a dramatic turn.

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